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    4. Fully automatic backwashing shallow media filter operating?manual

      Fully automatic backwashing shallow media filter operating?manual

      Fully automatic backwashing shallow media filter operating?manual

      The shallow medium filter mainly deals with suspended solids in the water, reducing the concentration, turbidity and removing sediment, organic matter and inorganic matter in the water. The raw water passes through filters of different materials inside, effectively removing particles and reducing turbidity, and then flows out of the filter through the water distribution plate at the bottom (also known as the water distributor ,the water collector or the water filter cap).
      If there is activated carbon or no soot filter material, can also adsorb the corresponding organic matter, ions, etc.
      1. product composition
      The shallow medium filter is mainly composed of water filter cap, quartz sand with 2-4 mm diameter, backwash control device and controller. Backwash is realized by automatic controller, differential pressure sensor, three-way valve and electromagnetic head.
      2. Principle introduction
      The raw water flows through the filter material, and the pressure loss increases with the continuous accumulation of impurities. The automatic control system detects the change in the pressure difference and issues a control action command to change the switching state of the valve body, thereby changing the direction of the water flow. The water flow is flushed, the impurities accumulated in the filter material are quickly flushed out, and discharged out of the filtration system. Generally, when the pressure difference reaches 50-70Kpa, the controller sends a backwash signal and opens the three-way valve for backwash drainage. The backwash time is generally not less than 120 seconds. After the backwash is completed, the filter automatically returns to the filtering state.
      3. product application 
      3.1 Industrial circulating water filtration -- steel, metallurgy, electricity, heat transfer system, air conditioning, food, etc.
      3.2 Raw water filtration -- river water, lake water, river water, surface water, etc.
      3.3Irrigation filtration -- agricultural drip irrigation, micro-irrigation, municipal water filtration, etc.
      3.4 Process water filtration -- spray-head, nozzle, etc.
      4. Product Features
      4.1 The water consumption of backwash of shallow filter is less than 1.5% of the total water intake, while the water consumption of conventional sand filter backwash is generally 5% -8%.
      4.2 High filtration speed, low pressure loss, and large flow.
      4.3 It can realize pressure, timing and manual cleaning.
      4.4 Backed by  filtered water from other units to ensure the cleanness of the outlet pipe network. It can also be backwashed by other water sources.
      4.5 It can flexibly realize the modular combination of multiple units to realize large flow filtering.
      5. technical parameters 
      System working pressure: 0.2-1.0Mpa;
      Backwashing requires water pressure:> = 0.18Mpa, it is recommended that the inlet water pressure is not lower than 0.3Mpa;
      Medium temperature: <60 degrees;
      PH value: 5-12;
      Number of units: 2-n (can be arbitrarily combined according to the flow)
      Power supply voltage: AC220V 1A,
      Control output voltage: DC24V 1A per channel. 
      Pipe material: carbon steel, stainless steel, HDPE, etc.
      Filling height: Agricultural irrigation is generally 250mm.
      6. performance comparison 

      performance shallow media filter Laminated filter · Hydraulically driven filter
      Filter form Deep filtration Deep filtration Surface filtration
      High, with adsorption effect, but Incomplete regeneration affect the filtration effect High,good trapping effect on soft and fiber impurities Medium,poor rapping effect on soft and fiber impurities
      Backwash effect Medium good Medium
      · Backwash interval period
      long Medium short
      Total recoil water high low Medium
      Area large small small
       7. Technical parameter list

      Model inlet &outlet
      Backwash pipe
      · Recommended water treatment capacity
      maximum pressure(MPa) Water treatment capacity at different filtration speeds(m3/h)
      25m/h 35m/h 45m/h 50m/h 60m/h
      JMF-400×2 65 65 20 1.0 6.3 8.8 11.3 12.6 15.1
      JMF-400×3 80 65 30 1.0 9.5 13.2 16.9 18.9 22.6
      JMF-500×2 80 65 36 1.0 9.8 13.7 17.6 19.6 23.5
      JMF-500×3 80 65 54 1.0 14.7 20.5 26.4 29.4 35.2
      JMF-600×2 80 65 50 1.0 14.1 19.9 24.4 28.3 33.9
      JMF-600×3 80 65 75 1.0 21.1 29.8 36.6 42.4 50.8
      JMF-750×2 100 65 70 0.8 22.1 30.9 39.7 44.2 53
      JMF-750×3 100 65 105 0.8 33.1 46.3 59.5 66.3 79.5
      JMF-900×2 100 65 100 0.8 31.8 44.5 57.2 63.6 76.3
      JMF-900×3 100 65 150 0.8 47.7 66.7 85.8 95.4 114.4
      JMF-1000×2 150 80 130 0.8 39.3 54.9 70.65 78.5 94.2
      JMF-1000×3 150 80 195 0.8 58.9 82.3 105.9 117.7 141.3
      JMF-1200×2 150 80 180 0.6 56.5 79.2 101.7 113.1 135.7
      JMF-1200×3 150 80 270 0.6 84.7 118.8 152.5 169.6 203.5
      JMF-1200×4 200 80 360 0.6 112.9 158.4 203.3 226.1 271.3
      JMF-1200×5 200 80 450 0.6 141.1 198.0 254.1 282.6 339.1
      JMF-1200×6 200 80 540 0.6 169.3 237.6 304.9 339.1 406.9
      8. Backwash process and manual backwash operation
      8.1 Backwash process
      8.1.1when the pressure difference or time of starting backwash is reached, the controller will send an electric signal to start backwash;
      8.1.2after the solenoid valve receives the electrical signal, it sends the water pressure signal to the backwash valve, making it switch from the filtration state to the backwash state. At this time, the first backwash filter enters the backwash through the outlet pipe with the clean water after filtration of other filters. The backwash process is about 120 seconds (according to the setting), and the backwash sewage is discharged through the sewage pipe.
      8.1.3 at the end of the backwash time of the first filter unit, the controller stops the backwash signal added to the solenoid valve, the backwash valve switches back to the filtering state, and the first backwash filter returns to the filtering state. The second backwash filter and the subsequent filters of the system go through the same operating procedure, and the backwash is completed in sequence, The backwash interval of every two filters is a few seconds (depending on the setting) to maintain the system pressure. After all filters have been backwashed, the system returns to the initial filtration state.
      8.2 Manual backwash operation
      This equipment realizes the filtering and backwashing action of the filter unit through the action of two-position three-way valves controlled by solenoid valves. When the manual switch of the solenoid valve is closed, the solenoid valve is automatically controlled by the control system. When a single unit needs to be backwashed manually, this switch can be turned to the on position, and the unit backwash begins. After backwashing is completed, turn off the manual switch.
      9.SX controller
      Control system power supply AC220V, 1A; control output voltage DC24V, contact capacity 1A. Can control the filtering unit within 10 groups for automatic operation.
      The upper row displays the data code number, the lower row displays the data content.
      The upper row displays code 0 cleaning type
      0 = pressure difference cleaning
      1 = timing cleaning
      2 = simultaneous cleaning
      Code 1:Type of detection; When using the body pressure difference sensor, the set pressure difference and the measured pressure difference are displayed respectively when flashing;
      Code 2:Regular cleaning countdown;
      Code 3:Pressure difference cleaning times;
      Code 4:Regular cleaning times;
      Code 5:Manual cleaning times;
      Press SET for 2 seconds, enter parameter modification,▲,▼ are used for address adjustment, up and down for data modification.
      D200=0 choose pressure difference cleaning
      D200=1 choose timing cleaning
      D200=2 simultaneous cleaning
      D200=3 manual cleaning only
      D201: set cleaning pressure difference; the set range is 10-350 Kpa, the default is 70 Kpa after exceeding.
      D202: set a regular cleaning interval; unit minute range is from 4 minutes to 30, 000 minutes, about 20.8 days, the default is 240 minutes after exceeding.
      D203: set the cleaning time of each group; unit second range is from 4 seconds to 600 seconds, the default is 50 seconds after exceeding.
      D204: the pressure sensor is adjusted to zero.It is used to calibrate the display value when the pressure difference is 0.When this value =0,it is the pressure difference switch signal, which is input by X0.
      D205: set the number of cleaning units.
      D206: set the interval time between groups, the default is 30 seconds.
      D207: system (for sensor determination)
      D210-D219:1-10 groups of manual cleaning operations. When the value is set to 0, it is automatic cleaning operation; when 1, exit backwash operation,t he corresponding backwash unit will be in the state of forbidden backwash no matter automatic or manual; When 2, the corresponding unit is turned on to backwash, the unit is always in the backwash state unless the value is set to 0 or 1.Manual backwash when the No.3 indicator light is on.
      (when setting the main valve function, D210 is set to 3, YV1 serves as the main valve control output, and the output power of YV1 is 5W;Before use, please confirm that the output voltage of YV1 is consistent with the solenoid valve voltage of this filtering equipment, otherwise the controller will be burnt down; when D210 is 4, the main valve configured for the factory is electric valve mode, which shall be used with electric valve switch module.)
      When the main valve function is set, first count down the operation time of the main valve as back washing, and then backwash in sequence. At this time, 2 is the first backwash unit.
      9.3 Cleaning process
      9.3.1 First power supplying, the control system detects the pressure difference automatically, and default the operation mode to 2 (simultaneous cleaning), the  indicator light 0 is always on, and the indicator light 0 is flashing after system alarm.
      9.3.2After reaching the pressure difference or setting time, the system opens the backwash process and automatically cleans the number of units set according to the set time and interval.
      9.3.3 When cleaning, the upper row alternately displays the unit being cleaned and the unit cleaning time, the lower row displays the measured pressure difference value.
      9.3.4 The indicator light ① is always turned on when cleaning.
      9.4 Manual cleaning operation
      Press ▼ for 2 seconds, the system opens manual cleaning, when manual cleaning, press any button UP or DOWN, manual cleaning stops; Or operate the electromagnetic head position switch to clean (see figure below).
      9.5 Alarm information and measures
      Remove the alarm, hold the up and down buttons for 5 seconds until the upper row and lower row display 9999 at the same time. The faults were removed. When alarming, lower row displays timing backwash count down.
      9.5.1When the pressure differential continuous cleaning lasts for more than 5 alarms, light 0 flashes and the upper row displays 1111 at the same time;
      After continuous cleaning alarm:
      ① Check the set pressure difference D201 value and increase it appropriately;
      ② Increase D203 cleaning time appropriately , for more thorough back washing.
      9.5.2When a failure happens on the pressure difference detection pipeline or sensor, light 0 flashes and the upper row displays 2222; At this point, the system automatically turns to regular cleaning.
      ① Check whether the pressure extraction pipe is unimpeded and the y-type filter is blocked;
      ② Check D204 data, generally zero is set to 60-70.
      ③ Check D207 data and confirm the pipeline is smooth. If the data is smaller than 40, the sensor is abnormal.
      ④ Remove alarm, unplug the controller pressure extraction pipe for observation, the sensor is judged to be normal if the value is between 0 and 5.
      9.6 Connection position of pressure extraction interface
      Power: AC220V
      H: High voltage interface
      L: Low voltage interface
      A variety of reasons such as the environment and individuals may affect the stability of the filtration system. Therefore, during the use of the filter, daily inspection and regular maintenance are required.
      10.1 Daily inspection
      10.1.1 If the ambient temperature is too high, the maximum water temperature cannot exceed 60 ºC.
      10.1.2 Whether the surface of the PU pipeline is obviously damaged or cracked artificially. If there is a crack, please replace it immediately.
      10.1.3  Check the tightness of the clamp, because there is a certain pressure during backwashing ,should prevent falling off and hurting people.
      10.1.4 Check the connection bolts of each pipeline. Due to vibration and other reasons, they may become loose and leak, which will cause insufficient pressure for flushing and backwashing, which will not achieve the desired effect and affect the work efficiency.
      10.1.5 Whether the wiring of the two-position three-way solenoid valve is reliable. If the filter unit is loosened, it may not automatically complete the process of flushing and backwashing.
      10.1.6 Check whether each pipe connected to the filter is flowing smoothly, if not, please pay attention to cleaning.
      10.2 Regular inspection
      10.2.1. Check whether the rubber rings in each clamp connected with the base are still pressed correctly on the two interfaces. 
      10.2.2 Check whether the inner rubber of the two-position three-way valve is still stuck in the slot, and whether the connection wires of the two-position three-way solenoid valve are in good contact.
      10.2.3 Check whether the pressure gauges connected to the system indicate correctly.
      10.2.4 Check if there is dust inside the controller. This may cause automatic control.
      10.2.5 Check whether each connection pipe of the two-position three-way solenoid valve is damaged and whether the connection is good.
      11.1Make sure that the rated voltage of this product matches the supply voltage of the AC power supply.
      11.2 Make sure to take measures to prevent water leakage when installing connecting pipes.
      11.3 Please do not touch the controller buttons with wet hands when the system is working.
      11.4 Do not open the clamp when the filter unit is under pressure.
      11.5 When using this set of equipment, try to place it on a flat ground and do not subject the pipeline to stress.
      11.6 Pay attention to the correct connection of water inlet and outlet when connecting pipes.
      11.7Make sure the cover is closed before turning on the power of the controller, so as not to hurt your personal safety
      11.8 If you want to check the inside of the filter unit, please wait for 3 to 5 minutes after the system stops to flush the water in the filter unit, then open the clamp .to ensure personal safety.
      11.9 Should try to avoid the use of liquid adhesives as sealants, if it is used, it should be absolutely guaranteed that the adhesives must not flow into the pump body during the tightening process, otherwise the blades and rotors  thrown out by centrifugal force will stick together, and appear no pressure fault phenomena. If you use a raw material belt as the sealing material, you must also absolutely prevent the raw material belt from falling off and entering the pump, because the above-mentioned failure also occurs.
      11.10 The power must be turned off before repairing and replacing various accessories
      11.11 When the equipment is installed outdoors, the temperature is low. To prevent freezing, it is recommended to use compressed air as the driving source of the valve. The inlet pressure of compressed air should be equal to or higher than the inlet water pressure of the equipment. The recommended pressure is 0.3-0.6MPa.
      11.12 When using water pressure as the driving source, in order to prevent freezing in low temperature, drain the water in the equipment and PU pipeline after use.

      12 .Common malfunctions

      Item problems cause solution
      1 Outflow is too small a. low water pressure
      b. small diameter
      c. Less filter unit design
      d. Not washing in time
      a. increase water pressure
      b. Increase the pipe diameter
      c. Add filtration unit
      d. Reduce cycle time or backwash startup differential pressure
      2 Poor effluent quality a. less sandstone
      b.  backwash is not thorough
      a. Refilling sandstone
      b. Increase backwash time
      3 Backwash of one or more units not start broken Circuit Check the corresponding lines
      4 Backwash valve not closed tightly a. Valve switching failure or foreign matter stuck on the sealing surface
      b. Back pressure of outlet pipe is less than <0.15Mpa
      a. Open the backwash valve, clean and repair
      b. Increase the inlet pressure or reduce the outlet valve, and increase the back pressure> 0.15Mpa
      5 Backwashing too frequent a. Raw water impurities are too high
      b. The differential pressure start value is too small or the time start interval is too small
      a. Increase raw water pretreatment
      b. Reset the differential pressure or time start parameters
      6 Incomplete backwash a. Backwash pressure <0.15Mpa
      b. Excessive drain pipe or valve resistance
      a. Increase the inlet water pressure or reduce the outlet valve, increase the back pressure> 0.15Mpa
      b. Dredge the drain pipe or increase the pipe diameter and valves
      7 No backwash water pressure signal a. Pressure water filter is blocked
      b. The signal tube is blocked
      c. Controller setting problem or electrical failure
      a. Cleaning the pressure water filter
      b. Dredge and clean the signal tube
      c. Check controller settings and troubleshoot

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